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   New! CBH Taxi Service***

* Regular bags are charged between $15 to $20max. However oversized bags ( like surfboards) are charged  between $20 and up. 

* after 10pm, additional charge of $69. Exception on NYE: no addition after hours charge after 10pm. Guest will be paying the storage fee.

Rate varies during Holidays & NYE
**when pick and drop off of the bags are scheduled, cancelation must occur 24 hours in advance. An additional $29 will be charged if the client isn’t at the drop off  or pick up location within a 15 minutes window. Be advised that if the client is late over 30minutes, the scheduled car service will be cancelled and the full amount must be paid. 

​*** Airport Starting price $89

*** Cancellations by customers will be charged the full amount of the length storage they have reserved. When you reserve a storage space, we do not book anyone else for that storage space.
**** Complimentary pick up or drop off if staying in a midtown manhattan hotel (selected hotels only). 

​Pricing based on a business day not a 24h basis

Unclaimed Package: Stored items remaining unclaimed after 14 days  are deemed abandonned property. A daily penalty fee of $150 is applied to each day of storage. Pursuant to Section 105R:9, in the case of an abandoned storage space, the operator shall have the right to take possession of the storage space after 14 days and dispose of any personal property in the storage space by any means so long as the operator has attempted to contact the occupant on two separate days, at least three days apart 

Example of oversized bags ( between $20 and up )                  Regular size bags ( between $10 to $15)


​Please bring a face mask as required upon entry. Thank you for your cooperation!

 Customer Baggage Help

On parle français!

  Tel: 212 840 0174

CBH Luggage Storage NYC 24/7 - Grand Central Storage NYC


Are you looking for a reliable luggage storage in NYC? Search no more. CBH Luggage is the only luggage storage facility offering safe lockers. We can also pick up your luggage from your hotel and store it for you.When you need your luggage back, you can pick it up or you can call us for a speedy delivery. We are only a phone call away. When you call us, we will deliver your luggage to the terminal from which you are flying or anywhere else. We have stream lined the process to make it as easy as possible for you. At CBH Luggage Storage, we offer Luggage Storage At Low Rates Speedy Pick-up and Delivery Service. Your Luggage is Safe with a 24 Hour Security surveillance system and Air Conditioning Luggage Lockers.No Reservation Needed, Just Call Us Upon Your Arrival Or Stop By Our Facility Anytime!


Office 1: 212-840-0174

Office 2: 646-543-1831



31 West 46th Street

Between 5th & 6th Avenue

Same building as

"2BROS" Pizza

​Floor 5 ( with Elevator :-)


DAILY: $10 TO $15/BAG*

Rate varies on oversize items

Also During Holidays etc


Choose what works for you!