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Megan Seygal:

Best Place to store your luggage...recently had a bad experience with the storage place across the street but i am glad i found CBH: safe, extremely clean , they have a nice white lounge area where you can relax and watch TV while you working out the details of your checking or simply if you want to rest I loved the place and highly recommend it!

Eva Clk:

Excellent service, the place is safe and clean. i was able to drop off my bag at 6 am and pick it up the next day at 3 am. the 24/7 service is really helpful. I have used many other storages places before this one is so far the best one and with the longest hours. I recommend CBH

Raphael Rodrigues:  

Very nice place. I could leave my backpack and coat for one day and didn't have to carry extra weight. Their office is a lovely place and I was warmly welcomed by their staff. If you have to check out your hotel early, but want to have an extra day in the city, you can leave your stuff there and then go back for it on evening. It is also a few blocks away from Port Authority. Very convenient

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Julien Meha:

Parfait, ouvert jusqu'à minuit, joignable en cas d'empêchement, parle français. Juste pas facile à trouver au départ. Au 5 eme par via italia. The Best luggage storage in NYC.

Joshua Stokes:

Hello! My Name is Joshua and i wanted to share about my experience with CBH luggage storage. Coming into NYC, nobody wants to carry their luggage around. Finding CBH was a godsend. Not only was it affordable, they were so accommodating and helpful. I will absolutely recommend them as the place to go. They are awesome!

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Bobby Valenski:

We had a lovely experience at CBH luggage storage: they are very professional. Rachelle the receptionist is an adorable sweet girl. She gave us bunch of tips on the best nyc clubs and she even referred us to one of her friend club promoter who got us in and had us at his VIP table: sweeeet ;-) As fas as the storage of our luggage the place is super safe and if you look closely they have hidden camera making the place extremely secure. Well, i guess that's how far my review goes.

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Natalie Carigan

Affordable and reliable. I went a little bit overtime with my luggage storage but i wasn't charged extra! super nice staff, quiet place , hassle free pick up and drop off. they are located between 5th and 6th avenue on the 5th floor. last thing I really liked is that travelers are not allowed to access the storage area which makes it more secure for everyone's belongings. A+
​​​​  Tel: 212 840 0174   Whatssap: +1 347 741 2490